Engineering Insurance

The policy is intended to cover accidental loss or damage to civil engineering works, e.g. erection of building, road or railway construction, irrigation, bridge construction and other infrastructural designs including third party liability.

General Claim Procedures
a. Report to the Insurance Company immediately through intimation letter with the following details

i. Policy No and details.
ii. Date/Time/Place/cause of accident,
iii. Carrier/Properties involved in accident,
iv. Estimated loss Amount
v. Location
vi. Contact Person and address (with Tel No)

Engineering Claim
Immediate notice to the insurer.
Give estimated cost of repair

Documents required for processing all engineering claims are as under:
a. Copy of the policy with full terms, condition and warranties.
b. Claim form duly completed.
c. Give cause of loss.

Siddhartha Insurance Company Ltd. started this policy from 19th June, 2006.

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