Motor Vehicle Insurance

There are two types of policies in this Insurance  

1. i) Comprehensive-includes:
any loss or damage to the vehicle by:­(a) accidental external means

(b) Fire, external explosion, self-ignition, lightning,
     burglary, house-breaking or theft.
(c) Malicious act
(d) Whilst in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift or elevator, and;

ii) the insured's liability to third party both in respect of bodily injury and properties of the third party.

2. Third party liability restricted to the liability described in (ii) above and not the insured's vehicle. The policy can be extended to cover the following perils on payment of additional premium : Flood, Earthquake, Strike, Riot Damage etc.

General Claim Procedures:
a. Report to the Insurance Company immediately through intimation letter with the following details

i. Policy No and details.
ii. Date/Time/Place/cause of accident,
iii. Carrier/Properties involved in accident,
iv. Estimated loss Amount
v. Location
vi. Contact Person and address (with Tel No)

3. Motor Claim Procedure:
In the event of a Loss or Damage or Motor Accident please follow the following guidance to ensure settling your claim speedily and efficiently.

Motor Accident Claims:
Date, Time, Place of accident.
Third Party's Name, address, telephone number, vehicle no and extent of damage. (If Third Party is involved)
Report the Accident to the Police.
Send quotation to the insurance company..
If the vehicle is not in driving conditions arrange for the vehicle to be towed to the garage.
Please wait for the inspection of the vehicle by the surveyor.

Theft of the Bike:
In case of theft of the bike following process should be done

a. Report to the police immediately.
b. Publish about lost motorcycle in the National Daily Paper.
c. Submit the Original blue book and key of the bike to the insurer.

Siddhartha Insurance Company Ltd. started this policy from 8th May, 2006.
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