Machinery Breakdown Insurance

The cover applies to any machinery or plant subject to mechanical or electrical stresses. Primarily, this cover is against sudden or unforeseen damage resulting from faulty material, design construction or erection apart from excessive electrical pressure, short circuit etc.

General Claim Procedures:
a. Report to the Insurance Company immediately through intimation letter with the following details

i. Policy No and details.
ii. Date/Time/Place/cause of accident,
iii. Carrier/Properties involved in accident,
iv. Estimated loss Amount
v. Location
vi. Contact Person and address (with Tel No)

a. Test reports of the damaged parts if deemed necessary by the surveyor and /or suggested by the insurer s to be submitted to the insurer/surveyor.
b. Repairs/replacement should be confirmed by the surveyor.

Siddhartha Insurance Company Ltd. started this policy from 24th July, 2006.

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