Fire Insurance

The subject matter of fire insurance may be any kind of movable or immovable property having pecuniary value, some of the examples are building, plant, machinery, furniture, fixtures and fittings, household articles, stocks and merchandise etc.

Fire policy can be extended to cover the following additional risks
1. Earthquake (Fire and Stock)
2. Storm, Tempest, Flood and Inundation
3. Aircraft Damage or articles dropped therefrom
4. Explosion
5. landslide
6. Riot Strike damage
7. Malicious damage
8. Sabotage & Terrorism
9. Impact Damage

General Claim Procedures
a. Report to the Insurance Company immediately through intimation letter with the following details
i. Policy No and details.
ii. Date/Time/Place/cause of accident,
iii. Carrier/Properties involved in accident,
iv. Estimated loss Amount
v. Location
vi. Contact Person and address (with Tel No)

Fire Claim Procedures

  • Notify the Police and Fire Brigade immediately
  • Notify the Insurance Company the same day of occurrence or within 24 hours by telephone and also send the written intimation.
  • Take necessary precaution to minimize the loss.
  • Extend your full cooperation to the surveyor.
Incase of claims arising out of Act of God perils following documents are also required:
a. Obtain a metrological report in case of loss due to act of god (cyclone, flood & inundation).

Siddhartha Insurance Company Ltd. started this policy from 5th May, 2006.
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