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Claim Interaction Program

Siddhartha Insurance Ltd conducted a claim interaction Program on 27th December 2019 (11th Poush, 2076) in the presence of the chairman of Beema Samiti  Mr.Chiranjibi Chapagain. Discussion on innovative  & fast track claim settlement took place and information on motor & micro claim were given to the participants.

Earthquake claim detail

  • No. of Claim Intimated 1690
  • Amt. of Estimated Claim 917,894,000.00
  • No. of Paid Claim 1690
  • Amt. of Paid Claim 737,724,000.00
  • No. of Adv. Paid 0
  • Amt. of Adv. Paid 0
  • Update on 2019-03-27

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