Head Office

Mr. Yogesh Krishna Shrestha  DCEO, Investment Head(Contact: yogesh@siddharthainsurance.com)
Mr. Murari Regmi  DGM, ReInsurance Head(Contact: murari@siddharthainsurance.com)
Mr. Deepak Dhoot
AGM, Claim Head(Contact: deepak@siddharthainsurance.com)
Mr. Nawaraj Parajuli Chief Manager, Country Head, Marketing Department(Contact: nawaraj@siddharthainsurance.com)
Mr. Ramji Dhakal Sr. Manager, Chief of Corporate Marketing and Head of Province 3 (Contact : ramji@siddharthainsurance.com)
Mr.  Subodh Karmacharya Manager, Head of AML, Micro and Underwriting of Corporate Business (Contact : subodh@siddharthainsurance.com)
Mr.  Manoj Dhaurali Manager, Finance/HR & Admin Head (Contact : manoj@siddharthainsurance.com)
Mrs. Archana Pathak Manager, Underwriting Head (archana@siddharthainsurance.com)
Mr. Sudarshan Acharya Legal/Company Secretary (Contact : companysecretary@siddharthainsurance.com)
Mr. Sujit Raut Asst. Manager, Account (Contact : sujit@siddharthainsurance.com)
Mrs. Amtita Tripathi Asst. Manager, Claim (Contact : amita.tripathi@siddharthainsurance.com, 9841273056)
Mr. Min Raj Shrestha Asst. Manager, Claim (Contact : minraj@siddharthainsurance.com, 9851148493)
Er. Kabindra Shakya Head of Department , IT (Contact : kabindra@siddharthainsurance.com)
And other experienced and dedicated team of about 214 members for taking care of customer's needs for insurance protection.

Earthquake claim detail

  • No. of Claim Intimated 1690
  • Amt. of Estimated Claim 917,894,000.00
  • No. of Paid Claim 1690
  • Amt. of Paid Claim 737,724,000.00
  • No. of Adv. Paid 0
  • Amt. of Adv. Paid 0
  • Update on 2019-03-27

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